Saturday, May 28, 2005

Victoria Regina

cannon with insignia
Cannon with imperial symbol, now apparently protecting the Sydney Harbour Bridge from invasion.

More of my photographs are at The Labyrinth.


Blogger Bahador said...

I like it. it's nice and strong I feel brave when see cannons

5/6/05 03:54  
Blogger Sparkling said...

Somehow that chimney, I mean canon...

It was your black swan that drew me to your site. I have pictures of one exactly like that visiting our local pond in Hampshire, UK. Would you like a white one in return?

6/6/05 23:09  
Blogger Saltarello said...

I had a blog with exatlly this address! i'm in wonder! could i ask you why you name your blog BLACK SWANS?

25/8/06 22:04  
Blogger Jane said...

Thanks for your question, "Saltarello".
It is called Black Swan because when the English colonised Australia, they wrote back to England to say '"the swans here are black!" and the English replied "nonsense! there are no black swans." They couldn't imagine that things could be so different here - but they are. For me, born in Australia, it was extraordinary to see white swans when I travelled to England - black swans were normal for me. So the name Black Swan is saying, my view from Australia is different from the view from the Northern hemisphere - which is where the majority of photoblogs come from.

Why did you call yours Black Swans? Are there black swans where you come from?

29/8/06 10:44  

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